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I teach audio production classes for musicians and composers. The classes are small - limited to 4 people at a time - and take place at my home studio over the course of 1 full day. Each class will be tailored to those who enroll. In addition to discussion and theory, I would like for each attendee to have the chance to engineer and/or mix something with the group’s involvement and input. 

Here are some of the topics that we cover:

Microphone Techniques: Ways to capture the best sound possible on your instrument with the tools available to you.

Mixing: Mixing requires years of practice, however there are some basic concepts that, once understood, will help you explore the craft further on your own. We will discuss equalization, compression, panning, time-based effects, etc. There are many simple techniques that I’ve learned which will help break down the components of mixing and train your ears to start making things sound better.

Theory: Basics of sound propagation, frequency spectrum as it relates to music and recording, analog to digital conversion, signal flow, gain staging, etc. This is a necessary first step in the process, but we won’t spend all day talking about the harmonic series.

Scoring to Picture: If anyone wishes to begin composing for commercials and film, we can delve into the creative and logistical parts of the business. I have examples of agency briefs to provide along with tracks that have and have not made their way to broadcast.

DAW Operation: We will focus on concepts and workflow that translate to all digital audio workstations, rather than the dialect of one particular program. I work primarily in Pro Tools, however participants are welcome to bring in laptops with sessions on Logic, Ableton or the DAW of their choice. 

Acoustics: How to maximize the treatment of your recording and listening environment at home.

Gear: If you are in the market for developing a home setup, we can discuss options.

File Management: Not sexy, but important.

Mastering: I have found that de-mystifying what mastering engineers do can be useful to artists if they are unfamiliar with what to expect from the process.

Your Questions: I like to leave ample time to work on questions that each participant brings in.


What students are saying about the class:

"Charlie Van Kirk, as it turns out, is not only a world-class engineer and producer but also a brilliant educator.  In his audio production classes, he feeds his students vast quantities of essential information in an easily digestible and organically presented fashion.  He does an exceptional job of balancing the concerns of each individual student in the room while maintaining a logical and unified narrative, a craft in and of itself.  But most importantly, students can rejoice in the immediate improvement they will see when they walk out the door and apply what they have learned.  Take this class!"

"Coming from a background with ZERO audio production/composing experience, I was hesitant that the workshop with Charlie would go over my head. But, I was so appreciative of how much he accommodated and catered the workshop to my experience level and to what I wanted to learn. He shared a great foundation of concepts and best practices, but was happy to take questions and dig deeper in the areas that I wanted to focus on. He also provided great resources and materials to continue learning after the workshop. I would definitely recommend this class for all experience levels and backgrounds."


"A simple understanding of audio production and engineering is more important than ever in today’s music business. I had already worked with CVK mixing a project of mine so I knew what he could do as an engineer. As a teacher, he couldn’t have been more eloquent in opening my eyes to the possibles of what I can create with the gear I already have at home. I recommend this class to everyone trying to make a living in music." 

"Charlie's class was fantastic, filled with valuable information and clear, practical examples of how to make use of each technique covered. He did a masterful job of meeting each student at their skill level and explaining difficult concepts in manner that was easy to understand.  The class was a great overview of the audio production world, but also tailored to each student’s individual questions and needs. I would not hesitate to take another class with Charlie after I’ve finished digesting the huge amount of information covered in the one-day workshop."

"I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity and the time you’ve taken to share some of your knowledge with me as well as the other guys who came Saturday. It was very refreshing for every single topic we went over be an entirely new realm of learning and you did an excellent job of explaining each subject and simplifying with examples."

If you are interested but unavailable on the date(s) listed, please send me an email at